How I Turned a $45 Stock Into a $60,000 Nest Egg

Victoria O'Hara didn't learn anything about how to manage money growing up. But thanks to help from a relative, she got a financial education, began investing slowly, and parlayed small stock buys into a healthy portfolio. Here's her story:

The One Thing Scarier Than Investing: Not Investing

It's natural to be afraid of the stock market, at first. The recent volatility rocking Wall St. illustrates why. But you've got to get over it, because the prospect of leaving your money in the bank -- accruing pitiful interest while inflation continues apace -- is simply unacceptable. Fraidy cats, read on to get scared straight.

Investment Tips: How to Tame the Wall Street Beast

Amid plenty of uncertainty, investors are looking for strategies that will make them wealthy. But you should forget about the idea of getting rich quick and focus on diversity, according to Larry Light, author of the new book, Taming the Beast: Wall Street's Imperfect Answers to Making Money.