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Market Minute: EU Slaps Microsoft with $733 Million Fine

European regulators have fined Microsoft $733 million for failing to give users of its Windows system a choice of Internet browsers. The company had settled an antitrust dispute four years ago by saying it would offer alternatives to its Internet Explorer, but failed to do so for more than a year.

Save on a New Computer by Rejuvenating Your Old One

If you're hearing the Jeopardy! theme in your head as you wait -- and wait -- for your computer to boot up, you've probably already started thinking replacement. But why spend big when a small investment of money and time could get your old hardware humming like new again?

Microsoft Adds New Privacy Features to Internet Explorer

Microsoft (MSFT) is adding extra privacy controls to Internet Explorer to limit the amount of information that users disclose while surfing the Web. The new Microsoft feature will allow users to create a list of sites that they want to block from tracking them, The Associated Press said.

Sony Delays Release of Gran Turismo 5

The Gran Turismo 5 video game will not be released on Nov. 2 as scheduled, Sony (SNE) said. The video game will be made available during the holiday season, Sony said. The company said that Kazunori Yamouchi, the game%u2019s creator, is "creating the perfect racing experience."

Microsoft Releases Biggest-Ever Security Fix

Microsoft (MSFT) instigated its biggest-ever security fix, releasing software to address problems including a flaw in its Windows operating system and Internet browser that could let hackers take control of a personal computer. The new software, released Tuesday, will address a range of vulnerabilities, including the Stuxnet virus that attacked an Iranian nuclear power plant, Reuters reported.

Microsoft to Unveil New Version of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) will unveil its new version of Internet Explorer as it tries to stem losses in the browser%u2019s market share. Microsoft will unveil the test version of Internet Explorer 9 in San Francisco, Bloomberg News reported. The new version will load pages faster and support HTML 5 technology.

Chinese Social Media Sites Closed Amid Seeming Clampdown

Chinese social networking and micro blogging sites that provide services similar to Twitter have reverted to test mode or proved difficult to access amid a seeming clampdown from government authorities. Sites such as Inc's microblog ( and Inc's microblog ( were each inaccessible at least one day this week. All messages on Sohu now display the notice "in testing mode," Reuters reported.

Microsoft Strikes Deal with E.U. on Browser Bundling

Microsoft has sealed a deal to end a decade of litigation with the European Union over charges that it unfairly used its dominant operating system to promote its Web browser, Internet Explorer. The computer giant agreed to give European users a choice of up to 12 browsers in future editions of Windows.

EU to hit Microsoft, again

Every few years, the European Union takes another bite out of Microsoft's (MSFT) business in the region. All of the actions are based on antitrust...