Institutional Investors

The 5 Deadly Sins of Investing

Overconfidence and herd behavior can hurt your investments, but you can be a smarter investor by examining how your emotions influence your decisions.

'Dark Pools': Are Hidden Trades Undermining the Stock Market?

When the market closing bell rings, you may believe trading activity ends for the day. But behind the scenes, stock trading continues in "dark pools": secondary stock markets that operate out of sight of the average investor and beyond the reach of regulators.

As Nuclear Fears Mount, Some Zero In on Bio-Defense Sector

As Japan's nuclear crisis deepens, Wall Street may begin to focus on a small group of almost-ignored young biotechs. Known as the bio-defense group, these companies develop products that help protect the population from radiation leaks resulting from nuclear accidents or attacks.

Caterpillar to Issue Renminbi-Denominated Debt

Heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar is marketing a two-year 1 billion renminbi bond to institutional investors in Hong Kong. It's only the second multinational company to test the waters of the "dim sum" market, and its offering is five times the size of the first, a bond from McDonald's.

Booz Allen Prices IPO at the Low End of Its Range

Booz Allen Hamilton Holding has priced its IPO at $17 a share, setting its $238 million offering at the low end of its range. The offering from the management and technology consulting firm, which largely serves government clients, apparently failed to inspire prospective investors.

Despite a Likely Pullback, the Rally Could Persist

Calls for a dip are understandably rising amid signs that the market is overbought. But evidence of performance-chasing, where fund managers who are lagging their peers take on more risk in hopes of outsize returns, are also mounting.

The Gurus Predict Inflation ... and Deflation: Who's Right?

The smart money is placing its bets outside of the stock market, but it can't agree about the direction of those bets. Hedge funds are doubling down on inflation by buying gold. Institutions are buying corporate bonds -- a wager on deflation. Should you follow them? And if so, which way?

What's Needed to Create a Virtuous Economic Cycle

Until companies start hiring American workers, banks make affordable credit available for deserving consumers and institutional investors start providing more capital for start-ups, the U.S. economy will limp along -- or maybe worse.

An Investor's Best Approach to the Bull vs. Bear Battle

Big money managers can change their strategy at any time. But for individuals investors -- who are betting their own money -- the decision to be bearish or bullish is much tougher. Here's the key question: What lets you sleep at night?

Just Ignore These Funds' Triple-Digit Returns

Direxion Funds appear to be delivering stellar returns. But being leveraged ETFs also makes them extremely risky. Even a top Direxion exec warns individual investors to "not pay attention to our funds and forget they ever saw them." Here's why.

Fund Managers Understate Portfolio Churn

Some equity fund managers are talking the talk, but not walking the walk -- by churning their portfolios more than they say. A new study finds that some active equity fund managers have higher portfolio turnover rates than they themselves claim. Several factors cause short-termitis.