Meet the Secret Group Earning $8 Billion From the Olympics

The secretive group that runs the Olympics is expected to earn a record $8 billion in the 2009-2012 quadrennial cycle, according to Sportcal. Formed to promote "Olympism," the International Olympic Committee doesn't get rich off the Games, but they do enjoy themselves.

Olympic Chief Bites Tongue on McDonalds, Coke Sponsorships

Jacques Rogge, head of the International Olympic Committee has backed off his criticism of London 2012 sponsors Coke and McDonald's as promoting unhealthy behaviors and obesity. But with the fat sponsorship contracts at stake, did he really have any choice?

For Winter Games, Figure Skating Is on Thin Ice

NBC expects to lose money on the Olympics, north of $200 million, for the first time. One large reason for the lack of buzz is our collective indifference to the Games' marquee sport, the one that traditionally brings in the biggest ratings: figure skating.