Frankenstorm Is Coming: Do You Have Flood Insurance

With Hurricane Sandy, aka Frankenstorm, poised to hit the U.S. next week, now may be a good time to ask: Do you have flood insurance, and should you? Even if you're not in this storm's path, 90% of natural disasters nationwide involve flooding. Yet less than a fifth of U.S. homeowners have a flood insurance policy.

Mother Nature Picks Wall Street Winners and Losers

The stock market can be as ruthless as nature itself: Some stocks get pummeled when disaster strikes, while others climb higher. And just as homeowners board up their houses and stock up on water, investors can fortify their portfolios when storm clouds loom. As respectfully as possible, we review what Irene hath wrought, in search of lessons.

After the Storm: Buy Home Depot, Sell Lowe's

Storms are always good for hardware-home improvement superstores, as droves of people stock up on supplies beforehand and work to repair any damage afterwards. If you want to try to profit from the wake of Hurricane Irene, the orange-aproned merchant is the one to turn to.

Don't Get Ripped Off on Post-Irene Home Repairs

The estimated tab for Hurricane Irene's fury is already in the billions of dollars. If you're among those who have property damage, proceed with caution -- you don't want to get hit again, this time by home repair companies that jack up their prices, do a poor job, or walk away before the work is finished.

How to Get Your Insurer to Pay Your Hurricane Claim

So, let's assume you did the right thing in getting insurance to protect yourself against those times when Mother Nature comes knocking. Your next challenge may be getting the insurance company to pony up the cash instead of trying to deny your claim.

Irene Leaves Millions Without Power

Millions of homes and businesses were left without power as Irene, which was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, continued to roar up the East Coast.

Back-to-School Shopping: Buyers Get a 'C' for Careful

Even before Hurricane Irene interrupted back-to-school shopping, the nation was cautious about spending for the new semester. A teetering economy is affecting the purchasing choices of 75% of families with school-age children, and 70% say they plan to spend the same or less as last year.

What Your Disaster Preparedness Kit Needs

Preparation is the best defense against the demons of disaster. If a fire, flood, hurricane, or earthquake happened right now -- and this week's two out of three ain't bad -- how prepared would you be to deal with the aftermath?

What to Buy to Prepare for Hurricane Irene

It is time to invest in Hurricane Irene. That does not mean to buy stocks, oil, or precious metals. It means spending money to make sure you can ride out the storm. Your total cost will vary, depending on what you already have in stock.

Hurricane Season: Are You Covered for Flood Damage?

Hurricane season comes every year, and 90% of natural disasters nationwide involve flooding. Yet less than a fifth of U.S. homeowners have a flood insurance policy. With Hurricane Irene poised to hit U.S. shores this week, now may be a good time to ask: Are you covered, and should you be?