For Mother's Day, Protect the Family Jewels

Engagement rings, push gifts and more -- motherhood and jewelry do tend to go together. But this Mother's Day, consider a gift that will help her protect the beautiful baubles she already has.

5 Times When You Shouldn't File That Insurance Claim

Insurance companies take notice of customers who file a lot of claims. At some point, these become unprofitable customers, driving their insurers to raise their rates -- or cancel or refuse to renew their policies. With that in mind, here are five situations where it may be less costly in the long run if you simply skip filing a claim and pay for the losses yourself.

7 Hidden Dangers to Your Holiday Finances

Amid all the good cheer, the holiday season hides a sobering number of financial pitfalls -- and not just ones that involve overspending. Here's a look at seven dangers you might not have considered, along with steps you can take to make sure your holidays are more happy than hazardous.

Unusual Quakes: Would Your Home Be Covered?

If you live on the East Coast, the earth moved under your feet Tuesday -- and in Colorado, the same thing happened Monday. With two fairly strong earthquakes hitting areas of the country where they rarely strike, you may be wondering: Am I covered? Should I be? DailyFinance answers your post-quake questions.

Insurance Riders: When to Say Yes to Extra Protection

Ordinary insurance policies cover the basics -- but what if you want more? The industry will happily take more of your money to give you the added piece of mind that a rider can provide. The question is, when are riders worth it?

Landlord Landmines: Avoiding the Rental Pitfalls

The idea of making some extra income off your house may sound attractive to many homeowners -- until one starts considering what the costs will be in terms of lifestyle changes, loss of privacy, safety and potential financial liability. Our experts provide some sobering advice.

Bank of America Document Leaks Allege Insurance Scams

A former seven-year Bank of America employee alleges in a series of leaked documents that a Bank of America subsidiary, Balboa Insurance, engaged in scams involving insurance policies known as force-placed insurance.

Home owner's insurance tip of the day

About seven years ago, shortly after my wife and I moved into our house, it started raining, and the roof began leaking. We hadn't been in the house...

Insurance that is worth the money

Insurance is a necessity of modern life. Face it, there is, as yet, no way to guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen to you or that you will...