Homeland Security

Obama to Order National Defense Against Cyber Attacks Beefed Up

Cyber attacks have hit a host of major U.S. companies and government agencies in recent months, an issue President Obama may address in his State of the Union Tuesday -- and then in an executive order aimed at improving our defenses against them on Wednesday.

The Super Bowl of Fakes: Big Game's a Win for Scammers

The quantity of counterfeit goods entering the U.S. is increasing, and it gets worse around an event like the Super Bowl. Federal agents recently seized more than $6 million of counterfeits and shut down more than 300 illegal websites. But consumers are at risk for more than just getting a shoddy NFL jersey.

CD Piracy: A Homeland Security Concern?

Several influential entertainment industry groups say the nation's security is at risk because of DVD and CD piracy. True, a study found pirated DVD sales may fund terrorism and organized crime. But is asking the Department of Homeland Security to bust pirates a good use of resources?

Inside Wall Street: Why Biometrics Maker Cogent Measures Up

Cogent is a leading provider of automated fingerprint-ID systems and other biometric products to governments and law-enforcement agencies. As anti-terrorism efforts increase worldwide, Cogent and its stock stand to benefit as business picks up.

Comeback Time for Bio-Defense Stocks?

Wall Street flocked to these companies in the wake of 9/11. But spotty government funding of bio-defense projects -- and the passage of time with no further attacks -- caused investors to lose their ardor. Now, though, renewed government interest could be the spark they need.

Health Concerns About Full Body Scanners Mount

A report by the Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety, which includes the European Commission, International Atomic Energy Agency, Nuclear Energy Agency and the World Health Organization, said that the government must inform air passengers about any health risks that the screenings pose, including the possible exposure to higher radiation levels.