Hillary Clinton

The Birther Business:
A Bipartisan Bonanza

When President Obama released his long-form birth certificate, all but his most vehement critics agreed the so-called "birther" controversy was over. But with people like Jerome Corsi still pushing the issue, the White House is pushing back -- with humor. Will the president get the last laugh from the birthers' smear campaign?

Donald Tyson: A Family Food Empire That Started With Chicken

Donald J. Tyson, former president and CEO of Tyson foods, died on Thursday from complications related to cancer. He was 80. Known for his simple demeanor and unassuming clothing, Tyson's outward appearance belied a brutal, take-no-prisoners approach to business.

WikiLeaks Latest Document Dump Yields No Surprises

Despite all the media fervor over WikiLeaks massive document dump of decades of U.S. diplomatic correspondence, the leaked material hasn't revealed anything new. But while it may not harm national security, the leak could deal a serious blow to mainstream efforts to increase government transparency.

Did the Atlantic City Hilton Bet Wrong on Bill Clinton?

The struggling Jersey Shore casino has booked the former president on July 23 as part of its speaker series , but plenty of seats are still available. Why would Clinton even want to appear there? And do people think he'll say that he hasn't said already?

Obama and the Dems Are Down, but Hardly Out

President Obama's approval rating has dropped. But here's something investors should know: The rate has declined for nearly every president from the first year to the second. A lot of the drop stems from the poor economy and the unemployment rate. A stronger economy always reverses the trend.

Chris Matthews 'Forgot' Obama Is Black?

If sticking your foot in your mouth was an Olympic sport, the MSNBC blowhard would surely be a gold medalist. During last night's State of the Union, the Hardball host praised President Obama's performance, saying "I forgot he was black tonight for an hour." He later "clarified" his statement, saying he meant Obama has transcended race. Really?

U.S. Wants China to Explain Cyber Attack on Google

A day after Google said it might quit China after a cyber attack hacked the Gmail accounts of human rights activists there, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked China's leaders for an explanation. Free speech advocates, meanwhile, praised the search giant's decision to remove censorship filters in the country.

Liberal U.S. Senator Now Big Hunting Fan?

Liberal New York Senator Charles Schumer has taken up hunting and recently introduced a bill favorable to the sport. But with the Brooklyn Democrat's reelection on the horizon, the National Rifle Association isn't buying it, calling him a "Johnny-come-lately."

Finding Common Ground
in Copenhagen?

As the world's leaders converge on Copenhagen for the global climate summit, the clouds over what had been deemed a fairly useless exercise in geopolitical stagecraft appeared to be lifting. Most dramatic is a proposal that rich nations provide a $100 billion per year to help poorer nations cope with emission cuts.

Hill's cash, Bill's identity crisis

By putting up $5 million of her own cash, Hillary sent a clear "and if you didn't think I meant business..." message to her party's uncommitted. As...