Hilary Kramer

Hilary Kramer: This Education Stock Is a Diamond in the Rough

As America faces the dual challenges of reining in crippling tuition costs while significantly increasing the number of college graduates receiving a quality education, APUS has found a business model that accomplishes both goals -- and shareholders should benefit.

Under the Radar: Three Stocks Set to Double [Video]

Sometimes its the stocks you least expect that have the greatest opportunities. Hilary Kramer has come up with three such companies, revealed here, that she says offer great upside potential for investors.

Why Women Beat Men When It Comes to Investing

Warren Buffett may disagree, but some studies say women, not men, make the best investors. Why? Hilary Kramer of GameChangerStocks.com explains that there are a few things women do right. Listen up, guys.

Three Companies With... Stocks That Are Set to Double [Video]

As stocks continue to climb higher, finding undervalued companies gets more difficult. Hilary Kramer, editor of GameChangerStocks.com stopped by our offices to discuss three e-commerce companies that she believes could double from their current levels.

Why Small Cap Stocks Should Outperform in 2011 [Video]

What kinds of stocks stand to do best in 2011? Hilary Kramer, editor of GameChangerStocks.com says that while many are counting on large cap stocks to outperform the market, investors could do better in small cap stocks. Here's why.

Three Companies That Will...Soar on Holiday Sales

Hilary Kramer, editor of GameChangerStocks.com, talks about three consumer companies that she says are set "to do very well this holiday season and see their stocks soar." She's full of good cheer about Sirius XM Radio, Zales and Ruth's Chris Steak House.

Under the Radar: Health Care Stocks That Could Soar

When most investors think of "under the radar" stocks, they think of small caps. But in this short video, Hilary Kramer discusses three health care stocks that are not that well known, but that she thinks will do very well for investors. Two of them have market caps in the billions.

Three Companies That Are ... Sitting on Lots of Cash

Companies with lots of cash are in the best position to buy market share, make acquisitions and pay out dividends. Hilary Kramer says that is a key metric investors should be watching these days and she discusses why cash rich companies Cisco, Gilead and Teradyne are all good stocks to own.

Coffee Break: Hilary Kramer's Post-Election Stock Picks

Grab a cup of java and listen to this short video of Hilary Kramer, respected investment adviser and editor of GameChangerStocks.com. Now that the elections are over and the Republicans have control of the House of Representatives, Kramer says that trillions of dollars on the balance sheets of corporations will be put to good use. Here's how you can profit.

Under the Radar: China's Biggest Drugstore Chain Looks Cheap

Here's a stock that is the largest drugstore operator in China, but still has huge growth ahead of it. The company just got costs under control, and has a new CEO. Plus, the stock is traded on the NYSE and sports a hefty dividend. Yet few know about it.

Under the Radar: A Possible Ten-Bagger Stock

Looking for companies that are growing fast but still ignored by Wall Street? Hilary Kramer talks about two stocks here with great upside potential. One of them, she says, could even be a ten-bagger.

Under the Radar: Hilary Kramer Goes Bananas Over Dole Food

Dole Food Company is public again but investors haven't been paying much attention to the green produce producer. Hilary Kramer says that maybe they should and she explains why investors, like her, may soon go bananas over this green company.

Biotech Stocks With Upside Potential

Hilary Kramer recently recommended shares of Jazz Pharmaceuticals, which surged 16% on Wednesday before closing up just 3%. The reason: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the drug, used for narcolepsy, for fibromyalgia.Kramer also recommends two other biotech medical equipment companies with upside potential.

Under the Radar: Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Dendreon, TranS1

As the stock market falls, it may seem difficult to find stocks that will do well. But Hilary Kramer, who focuses on under the radar, game changing stocks, says there are some great opportunities among biotech and medical equipment companies.

Three Greentech Auto Stocks to Watch

The hard-hit U.S. auto industry is making a comeback, partly due to advances in green technology. That should be good news not only for the industry, but also for investors. Hilary Kramer explains how to profit.

Under the Radar: Two Stocks Focused on China

Worries are building bout the prospects for China's economy, but GameChangerStocks.com's Hilary Kramer says there are some good long-term opportunities for investors. Kramer reveals her stock picks: Two non-Chinese companies invested heavily in China.

Under the Radar: A 'BP' That Looks Like a Good Buy

Shares of Puerto Rico's Banco Popular have fallen about 27% this year and the bank has been called the least expensive big bank in America. Hilary Kramer says that the bad news is now behind the company and the stock has upside potential.

How to Profit From a Rebound in Housing Stocks

Despite the volatility in the stock market, there are signs that the economy is getting stronger. Good news for the housing market. Hilary Kramer, editor of GameChangerStocks.com, explains how you can profit.

Profiting from Boutique Investment Banks

Investing guru Hilary Kramer says that as the credit crisis abates and mergers and acquisitions pick up, investors should closely watch a couple of fast growing New York City-based boutique investment banks that she says are undervalued.

Hilary Kramer: Three Undervalued Stocks

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average hovering around 11,000, Hilary Kramer, the editor of GameChangerStocks.com, gives her market outlook and recommends three undervalued stocks that she says will thrive in the year ahead.