Head and Shoulders

How High (or Low) Could the Stock Market Go?

The U.S. stock market has piled on way-above-average returns in the last five months. But what can investors expect over the next few years? The charts show some clear patterns, and they hint that returns could revert to a longer-term, lower average -- but what might that be?

Reading the Charts for Clues to the Market's Direction

Rather than try to forecast whether corporate profits will exceed heightened expectations or disappoint in the second half, let's turn to a few basic technical charts for a (possibly) more objective view of where the U.S. market might be heading.

Elections Could Boost the Market in 2010

The markets could be in for a wild ride in 2010. DailyFinance takes a look at one potential scenario for the year, one that takes the upcoming national elections in the U.S. into account.