Harvard Business School

Advice for a Mom Trying to Reenter the Job Market

Kelly, 51, a mother of five who lives in the Midwest, wants to get back into the workforce after a 20-year absence -- a challenging prospect in today's weak hiring environment. But with the right focus and preparation, she can still transition from stay-at-home mom back to paid employee.

Best B-Schools: Chicago and Harvard Repeat as No. 1 and 2

University of Chicago edged out Harvard for the top spot in this year's Bloomberg Businessweek ranking of MBA programs. Chicago's marks were slightly higher for teaching, but both schools ranked tops for helping students find jobs.

How to Restart America's Innovation Engine

Harvard Business School professor William Sahlman believes startup capital is out there, waiting for the right ideas, entrepreneurs and companies. But if America is to reattain the level of startup creation it enjoyed in the 1990s, he thinks two specific things need to happen.

More MBA moms opt-out

The Mommy Track has gained traction over the last 15 years.A new study released by U.C. Berkeley's Haas School of Business shows that a surprising...