HCA to Pay $2 Billion Dividend to Private Equity Owners

Hospital chain HCA will issue a $2 billion dividend to private-equity owners including KKR & Co. and Bain Capital LLC. HCA will use a $1.5 billion high-yield bond sale to help pay for the dividend, Bloomberg News reported.

Amid Market Turmoil, HCA Files for a $4.6 Billion IPO

HCA, the largest hospital operator in the U.S., has many strengths, and its IPO would be the largest private-equity-backed offering since the start of the financial crisis. But will the market's recent volatility make things challenging for the IPO?

A Healthy Dividend: HCA Pays Out $1.75 Billion

It's been awhile since private-equity firms had news this good to celebrate: Three major firms will split a juicy $1.75 billion dividend from HCA, the largest hospital operator in the U.S., which they took private back in 2006 for $33 billion.

Citigroup May Ask $10 billion for Private Equity Arm

Citigroup (C) may sell its private equity operations, Citi Private Equity, for $10 billion. The reason for the sale is simple. Citigroup is still trying to rebuild its troubled balance sheet and the $10 billion would come in handy. Of course, getting $10 billion may be easier said than done.

Private Equity Creates Big Returns, Big Controversy

Now that private equity is no longer producing monster returns, it's time to assess its value. By using debt, buyout shops have taken over struggling companies and enriched investors. But critics say the practice leads to more layoffs and the "flipping" of companies.