Growth Matters

Japanese Anime Puts Crunchyroll on the Fast Path

If you live outside Japan and are familiar with the television series Naruto Shippuden and Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee then you are, no doubt, also familiar with Crunchyroll, an online video service that provides full length episodes and movies of Japanese anime. The site is quickly signing up viewers all over the English speaking world.

Amiando Prospers as Event Planning Moves Online

Online event planner Amiando allows organizers of small and mid-size events worldwide to organize events in a professional manner. The company's software has become a leading tool for event organization in Europe and the company's revenues are rising at more than 40% per quarter.

TweetSwitch Offers a New Way to Twitter

Tweeting is already an extremely easy task but an increasingly popular service called TweetSwitch is making it even easier. London-based Comufy, which provides the TweetSwitch service, makes it possible for you to send tweets from your instant messaging software or email software. No need to log on to

Growth Matters: Like Skype? Sipgate Wants Your Business

Is there room in the U.S. telecom market for another Voice-over-IP phone company? Recent European transplant Sipgate thinks so and its low-cost phone service plan offers something many Web competitors don't: a free inbound phone number that anyone can call.

Growth Matters: Redbeacon Sends Batman to the Rescue

In the 1960s series Batman, people in despair would light up a red beacon and Batman would come to the rescue. Fast forward to the present and the red beacon is still If you have a leaky sink or find yourself locked out of your house, or can't fix that jammed copier, you can turn to, find a service provider, get a price quote and a contractor will come to the rescue.

Growth Matters: Watch Out iTunes, HMV Is Coming Back

U.K. entertainment retailer HMV has seen its shares fall 40% in the last year. But with growing market share, recent acquisitions and a plan to cut costs, the company has used the recession to launch a turnaround. Will the growth make HMV a buy?

Growth Matters: Better Business Bureau Embraces 21st Century

Long known as "the complaint people," the Better Business Bureau is actually a thriving not-for-profit company whose wide range of services are in growing demand. Now it's branching out from its service of reviewing business's ethical standards, offering a new e-commerce protection.

Germany's Otto Group: E-Commerce Sites That Click

Most American shoppers have likely never heard of Otto Group (though you probably have heard of one of its U.S. properties). But if you live in Germany, you certainly have. Otto is a major German e-commerce company with 100 online shops -- and it's growing rapidly.

Boxee Brings Internet and Friends to Your TV

Boxee, a New York City startup developing free software to bring the Internet and your social network to your television, grew its user base sevenfold in just over a year. But will it find a way to make money?

OneRiot Targets Social-Media Search

The company believes it allows users to scour real-time information from booming sites like Twitter and Facebook better than Google. Will this enable OneRiot to ride the social media wave?

Netflix: Future Growth Will Come From Streaming Video

Perhaps no company has revolutionized the video rental business as much as Netflix. With over 90,000 titles and more than 11 million paying subscribers, Netflix is now the leading online DVD subscription service. But as costs rise and competition mounts, Netflix has got to make some changes. One of them: To beef up its streaming video business.

Waze: Drivers Power Real Time Road Maps

Tel Aviv-based Waze has developed a mobile application that gives users a free way to get turn-by-turn navigation. Keeping information on roadways up-to-date can be a cumbersome task, but Waze has come up with an innovative way: It relies on its users to feed it with data, from road conditions to traffic reports. The result: Waze has quickly risen from being a small startup to a company with operations in 85 countries.

Hulu Offers Ready-When-You-Are TV and Video

Hulu, which provides television and video content on the Web, is growing quickly. Since it launched in 2007, more than 6 million Hulu players have been embedded in over 123,000 websites. Growth will continue. In the works is a plan to partner with foreign content partners and eventually, roll out its service worldwide.

Companies That Will Lead Us Out of the Recession

As the U.S. economy withdraws from the worst recession since the Great Depression, there are certain growth companies that will help to move the process along. In this Special Report, Growth Matters, you will find some 30 innovative, U.S. and European companies that are leading the way.

FreshDirect Nudges Its Way To Profits

The online grocery stories industry has been, to put it bluntly, a disaster.But now, a relatively new online grocery service seems to have figured out how to do it right. The company, is FreshDirect and it has avoided Webvan's fate by trying not to get too big too fast.

Growth Matters: Improves Cash Flows, Signs On Customers

Launched in September, 2007, has quickly grown to track nearly $200 billion in transactions and $50 billion in assets and has identified more than $300 million in potential savings for its users -- all by making it easy to set and keep to budgets, and identify money-saving ideas.