Impact Investing: Making Your Money Count

For some time, investors who wanted to put their money where their morals were have chosen socially responsible investing -- steering their cash away from firms whose practices they disapproved of. Now comes impact investing, which uses invested funds to solve social or environmental goals and earn competitive returns, too.

FTC Proposes Tighter Standards for 'Green' Products

Companies that claim to be environmentally friendly or say their products have certain so-called "green" benefits may face more stringent requirements as far as showing proof of such claims, the Federal Trade Commission said today.

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Clean coal? Still just a dream

"Clean coal technology is something that can make America energy independent," said President Obama on the stump in 2008. "This is America. We...

Tomorrow's money savers: The WashUP

A lot of the "green" movement seems focused on designing gadgets, clothes, and other items that are, essentially, status symbols. After all, while a...