Grant Thornton

Global Confidence: Latin America Is Most Upbeat

Two recent reports suggest that there's great variation in global confidence levels, both in the U.S. and abroad. And the U.S. isn't exactly the home of the confident. Latin America, led by a booming Brazil, leads the world in confidence these days.

How Small Banks Profit from Rivals' Failures

The big national banks get most of the attention, but it turns out that small banks are even more interested than their larger competitors when it comes to snapping up failed former rivals. Some 46% of small banks say they're interested in bidding for failed banks' assets or deposits, compared with just 36% of large banks.

Koss Corp: Anatomy of an Alleged Fraud

How does the alleged $31 million fraud at Koss Corp., a company with sales of no more than $45 million, go undetected for years? Blame management. It gave the employee charged with misappropriating funds far too much autonomy. And it never told auditors to do more than just the required audit.

Koss Fraud Probe Widens

The news keeps getting worse at embattled stereo-headphone maker Koss Corp. The Milwaukee company now fears that the amount that disappeared from its...