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Why HP and Dell Are Crazy About 3Par

The bidding war for 3Par, which specializes in utility storage, now values the company at three times what it was worth before the offers started coming. What is it about 3Par that's so promising? It's all about the "cloud."

Three Reasons Why Google's Valuation Could Vault

The conventional wisdom gaining strength these days is that Google is past its hot-growth prime. But unnoticed by many investors are at least three businesses that could give Google's stock the kick it's looking for.

BlackBerry users lust for the iPhone

As a user of the BlackBerry Storm, color me unsurprised that a recent survey by Crowd Science found that people like me would love to give up our...

Google Dreams of its Own Business App Store

Following Apple's lead can be a great way to make money. That explains why Google wants to launch its own version of the App Store, where it will sell third-party apps to enhance its Web-based business software. But Google's online store may lack the two things that made Apple's a success: developers and customers.