George Roberts

At Long Last, KKR Begins Trading on the NYSE

Henry Kravis, George Roberts and Jerome Kohlberg started the firm back in 1976 and achieved fame by focusing on -- making hefty profits from -- leveraged buyouts. Today, its business is much broader, and it's making its debut as a publicly traded company.

KKR's Founders Made Only $22 Million in 2009

As private-equity giant KKR moves at last toward completing its own IPO, it is opening up its internal finances to the SEC. One of the more interesting items: How little its two billionaire founders, cousins Henry Kravis and George Roberts, earned from the business last year.

Private Equity Creates Big Returns, Big Controversy

Now that private equity is no longer producing monster returns, it's time to assess its value. By using debt, buyout shops have taken over struggling companies and enriched investors. But critics say the practice leads to more layoffs and the "flipping" of companies.