George Papandreou

5 Financial Turkeys of 2011 (and a Side of Stuffing)

At Thanksgiving, we remember the year's blessings and declare hope for the future. But if you're having a hard time swallowing that this year, we offer this recipe for cooking up 2011's most egregious financial news stories. Bon appetite!

The Financial Landscape: SEC Fines JPM Over CDOs

The news across the financial world is good for unions, which will find organizing a bit easier; adequate for Greece, which will find getting bailed out a bit easier, and bitter for JPMorgan which had to accept a $153.6 million SEC fine for misleading investors about a mortgage securities transaction.

In Greece, the Battle Between Austerity and Labor Deepens

Greece's budget cutting has caused widespread strikes that have lead to shutdowns of parts of the public and business sectors. Prime Minister Papandreou now says the cuts are sufficient, but that announcement didn't assuage the unions.