Biotech 101: RNA Drugs

Disease-causing proteins can be inhibited by small-molecule drugs or by antibody drugs that bind to the protein, but there's a third class of...

New Cystic Fibrosis Drug Treats the Disease's Cause

Vertex Pharmaceutical shares soared 15% Wednesday as Wall Street cheered the results of a late-stage study of its new cystic fibrosis drug, an experimental treatment that targets the underlying cause of the disease rather than just its symptoms.

Pfizer Makes Headway in the Fight Against Lung Cancer

Pfizer's cancer drug crizotinib was able to shrink tumors of non-small-cell lung cancer patients whose tumors carried a specific genetic mutation that fuses two genes. The early-stage study results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Inside Wall Street: Where M&A Could Heat Up in Biotech

M&A-watchers see a buyout happening soon in a secluded sector of biotech: DNA sequencing and genetic analysis. One potential buyer is big player Illumina, and one potential buyout target is Wafergen Bio-Systems, whose SmartChip technology is a game-changer.

A Judge Rules: 'You Can't Patent Nature'

District Judge Robert Sweet has invalidated patents Myriad Genetics holds on naturally occurring snippets of human DNA. At issue are genetic tests for breast and ovarian cancer, but the ruling could upend the whole biotech industry -- if it survives appeals.

Breast Cancer Fears Grow Around Household Cleaners

Doctors and environmental scientists are growing more concerned that chemicals found in many household cleaning supplies, such as floor cleaners and glass cleaners, are behind the ongoing increase in breast cancer cases in the U.S. Anecdotal evidence from some of the latest epidemiological data suggests that younger women (and a growing number of men) are contracting the cancer.

Medco's DNA Direct Deal Could Pay Off Big

Medco Health Solutions's purchase of DNA Direct may be small in size but big in potential. It bolsters the pharmacy benefits manager's footprint in personalized medicine, a fast-growing field that uses a patient's genetic data to better target health-care treatments.