Gender Discrimination

The 10 Worst-Paying Cities in America for Women

International Women's Day honors women's successes, and also their struggles for equality. Nearly a century after American women won the universal right to vote, equal pay continues to remain a distant goal. Here are the metropolitan areas where the wage gap is the widest.

Citigroup Sued for Gender Discrimination

Female employees of Citigroup are paid less, get fewer promotions, but fired first, according to a gender discrimination lawsuit brought by six women against the bank yesterday. The bank responded, saying that the women's allegations are "inacurrate" or "incomplete."

Legal Briefing: Novartis Settles Sex Discrimination Case

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis lost a huge gender discrimination case in May, and faced $250 million in punitive damages, plus possibly hundreds of millions more in compensatory damages. Rather than deal with years of appeals, both sides settled Wednesday for $152 million.