GM bankruptcy

Dear President Obama: Sell the Government's GM Stake Now

Dear Mr. President: I know you're proud of the effort made by your team back in 2009 to save General Motors. You should be. But as good as this GM thing has been for you, with the election now over, it's time to let go and direct the Treasury to sell its stake in General Motors.

Could GM Ever Fail? Yeah, It Could Happen

GM has been cleaning up its act and has the profits to show for it. But the competition has never been stiffer, all over the world, and GM's cars will have to be top-notch to assure the success of a turnaround.

Obama 'Car Czar' to Pay $10 Million to Settle Kickback Charges

Steven Rattner has reached an agreement with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to settle allegations that the former "car czar" paid a state official to steer state pension-fund business to Rattner's Manhattan-based private-equity firm several years ago.

The New GM Could Put Investors in the Fast Lane

After its near-miraculous emergence so quickly from bankruptcy, the new GM will certainly make big bucks for investors if it fulfills its potential to beat sales forecasts and earnings expectations.

GM Increases IPO by 31%

General Motors will increase the size of its IPO by almost one-third to meet strong investor demand. The company said it will increase the IPO to 478 million common shares, 31% more than the planned 365 million. These figures exclude the amount of shares that underwriters have the option to purchase to cover over-allotments.

GM Says Employees Can Buy IPO Shares

General Motors is offering some 600,000 employees, retirees and dealers the chance to purchase stock in the resurgent company as the auto giant moves forward with its initial public offering, slated for next month.

Can America Get a Return On Its GM Investment?

GM filed for an IPO this week, which means that the U.S. government will soon be able to start selling off its 61% stake in the automaker. So what are the odds that the taxpayers will break even on their $42 billion gamble in General Motors, and what would it take for them to do so?

IPO Filing Offers Peek Under the Hood of the New GM

A little more than a year ago, bankrupt GM required a massive government bail-out. Today the company began its return to Wall Street by formally filing to hold an IPO. Yet it remains unclear if the once-troubled automaker will be a good investment.

GM Repays Loans -- and CEO Pays His Own Way

General Motors is paying its bailout loans back in full and ahead of schedule. "Today, General Motors is announcing that it has made a payment of $5.8 billion to the U.S. Treasury and Export Development Canada. We're paying back - in full, with interest, years ahead of schedule - loans made to help fund the new GM," Whitacre announced.

Liking What He Sees, GM's Whitacre to Stay on as New CEO

Ed Whitacre is a 'temp' no more. The General Motors chairman of the board, who took over as interim chief executive officer following the ouster of Frederick "Fritz" Henderson in December, is making the post permanent. Whitacre made the announcement to a group of reporters at a hastily arranged press conference Monday morning in Detroit. The decision was reached last week during a special meeting of GM's board in which the former AT&T (T) CEO was asked to stay on permanently.

General Motors will need a new name

Should General Motors Co. (GM) change its name since, if it survives at all, it will be a shadow of its former self? North America's No. 1 automaker...