GM Shares Top Level Not Seen Since 2011

Shares of General Motors reached an important milestone on Friday, topping their initial public offering price of $33 for the first time in more than two years.

The New GM Could Put Investors in the Fast Lane

After its near-miraculous emergence so quickly from bankruptcy, the new GM will certainly make big bucks for investors if it fulfills its potential to beat sales forecasts and earnings expectations.

GM IPO Brings In $11.7 Billion for the U.S. Treasury

The initial public offering of General Motors last week netted $11.7 billion for the U.S. Treasury, which invested taxpayer money into keeping the then-struggling automaker solvent during the financial crisis as part of its Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Ford vs. GM: The IPOs of a Changing America

While GM's IPO drew considerable investor excitement, it has also drawn attention to how much the auto industry has changed in the last few decades. Less than sixty years ago, on January 17, 1956, the Ford Motor Company had its own IPO -- the largest in history up to that time -- in an economy in which U.S. industrial might was the envy of the world and American cars represented the apex of the automotive pyramid.

GM's Chevy Volt Named 2011 Green Car of the Year

General Motors' Chevrolet Volt, the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle set to debut in the U.S. next month, won Green Car Journal's 2011 Green Car of the Year award Thursday, beating out the Nissan Leaf, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and Ford Fiesta.

Stocks Vault as Ireland Fears Wane and GM Debuts

On Thursday, stocks clawed back nearly of the week's prior losses. Lifing investors' spirits were an easing of concerns over Irish debt, GM's IPO and some surprisingly positive economic reports.

Was Washington Right to Bail Out GM and Wall Street?

Historians will look back on Washington's bailout of GM and Wall Street as the right move. That's because it's now clear that the costs of doing nothing would have been far higher, and it turns out that taxpayers may suffer only limited losses on this economic Hail Mary pass.

The Highest-Grossing
Global IPOs of All Time

When all is said and done, General Motors could easily vault to the top of the list, surpassing Visa's IPO as the biggest U.S. company offering, and beyond Agriculture Bank of China as the biggest ever in the world.

General Motors Boosts IPO Price Range by 14%

A confident General Motors has added 20 million shares of preferred stock to its initial public offering, and it raised the estimated price range for common shares by about 14 percent to $32 to $33.

GM to Raise Its IPO Price Range

General Motors may raise its price range and offer more shares than previously expected in its initial public offering Thursday.

GM IPO Isn't Closing Early, Goldman Sachs Says

Goldman Sachs Group won't stop taking orders for General Motor's initial public offering at noon Friday, the investment banker now says, despite an email sent by the bank to clients on Thursday that said it would, Dow Jones Newswires reports.

GM Earnings Preview: A Third Straight Profit?

After reporting a $4.3 billion loss during the last half of 2009, General Motors saw two positive quarters during the first half of the the year and is expected to report a third profitable quarter Wednesday.

Ford Shares Hit Six-Year High on Solid Sales Report

Stock in Ford hit levels not seen since the summer of 2004 Thursday, a day after the Dearborn, Mich., automaker reported solid sales for the month of October. The stock rose as much as 4.3% to $15.83 a share in morning trading on Wall Street.

GM's IPO Size Likely to Shrink

At an anticipated $16 billion, General Motors' pending initial public offering was expected to be the second largest in history. Now, the No. 1 U.S. automaker is revising IPO expectations downward, anticipating it will bring in $8 billion to $10 billion when shares go public in November.

Can U.S. Recoup Its General Motors Investment?

The U.S. government would have to sell all its shares in General Motors at an average price of $133.78 a share in order to break even on its stake in the company. That%u2019s $39.15 higher than the peak price of the old GM%u2019s shares, in 2000, during the peak of the boom in pick up trucks, The Wall Street Journal said.

China's Largest Automaker Weighing GM Stock Purchase

China's SAIC Motor is considering taking a stake in General Motors when the Detroit-based automaker begins its public offering of stock later this year. Though some Americans will likely object to foreign ownership, GM's stakeholders will likely need all the help they can get unloading shares.

GM IPO: Open to All Investors

There have been some questions over the past few weeks about whether the General Motors IPO would include restrictions on money put into the shares from investors overseas. GM made it clear recently the the U.S. Treasury would hold some of its share indefinitely as opposed to disposing of them as soon after the IPO as possible.

GM CEO: It Will Take Years to Repay Govt

The federal government's controversial decision to step in and save General Motors from insolvency was the right thing to do, the automaker's new Chief Executive Daniel Akerson said Thursday in Detroit.

GM's IPO: How Will the Preferred Stock Work?

The automaker's much-anticipated IPO includes plans to offer preferred stock in addition to the usual common stock. What's the difference between them, and which is a better investment? Here's a quick rundown.

Can America Get a Return On Its GM Investment?

GM filed for an IPO this week, which means that the U.S. government will soon be able to start selling off its 61% stake in the automaker. So what are the odds that the taxpayers will break even on their $42 billion gamble in General Motors, and what would it take for them to do so?

IPO Filing Offers Peek Under the Hood of the New GM

A little more than a year ago, bankrupt GM required a massive government bail-out. Today the company began its return to Wall Street by formally filing to hold an IPO. Yet it remains unclear if the once-troubled automaker will be a good investment.