Gold ETFs Dumping the Yellow Metal

Last year marked the twelfth consecutive year for rising gold prices. But that could be the end of the yellow metals string. Since the beginning of...

Market Snapshot: What's Thriving in Battered Economy

The economy has had more than its share of trouble lately: Japan's earthquake comes on top of rising oil and food prices, political turmoil in the Middle East and a crop of government austerity measures. But investor opportunities lie hidden among the bad news.

Is Gold a Bubble About to Pop? These Charts Say No

Some say the precious metal will keep rising, others that it's tracing out a classic speculative bubble soon to burst. Nobody has a crystal ball, but an "agnostic" technical analysis of the charts provides some good clues about gold's future.

Stocks Soar on Services Growth and Japan's Rate Cut

The Dow surged nearly 200 points, while inflation fears propelled gold to another record close. The Institute for Supply Management said its services index rose to 53.2 last month from 51.5 in August. Economists had expected the measure to rise to 52.

For Investors, Will Gold Gleam More -- or Turn to Lead?

With gold prices setting new highs recently, debate rages over whether it's a bubble likely to burst soon or if further gains lie ahead. Here are some charts on the metal's price movements that may help shed some light on the discussion.

China, Gold, the Dollar and the Dow

With the markets off their recent highs and volatility picking up, investors have to ask: Is this just a brief dip in the uptrend, or a more ominous change of trend?