America's 10 Biggest Advertisers

Ad Age is out with its list of the 25 biggest advertisers in the United States. Here are the top 10 big spenders, and what all those advertising dollars do for their brands.

Warren Buffett: Great Investor, Lousy Insurance Salesman?

When it comes to stock market returns, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is justifiably legendary. But when it comes to running an insurance business, Buffett may not be all that much smarter than the cavemen who star in his GEICO commercials.

Nothing Alike: The Odd Combos of Conglomerates

For most of the past decade, buying Oreos or Trident gum for your kids meant sending money to the Marlboro Man. Those brands have gone their separate ways, but there are still many odd matches in the wild world of conglomerates, where companies own siblings that don't really look like one another.

Seven of Business's Most Bizarre Brand Bedfellows

Wall Street's endless parade of buyouts and mergers, divisions and revisions has created a tangled landscape in which companies that are famous for one thing often own brands that are completely different -- or even diametrically opposed. Here are seven of our favorite mismatches.

Buffett Blasts Wall Street as Berkshire Gains

Berkshire Hathaway returned to form in 2009. Despite lingering effects from the recession and a few key missteps, the results were good enough for billionaire CEO Warren Buffett to express optimism about the future in his widely read annual letter to investors.