GDP report

Healthy Surprises in the Fourth-Quarter GDP Report

Consumers reopened their wallets and manufacturers slashed inventories, indicating they're getting ready to ramp up production of more goods this year. Also contributing to growth were rising exports and falling imports. But just how good will 2011 prove to be?

Consumer Sentiment Sees a Mild Rebound in Late April

The markets closed out the week on a positive note, as consumer sentiment rebounded slightly to 72.2 in late April, though still below March's reading. Key index components were mixed, however, and consumer sentiment has been roughly unchanged in the past five months.

This Time Is Different: The GDP Report Was Great

I'm a big fan of John Mauldin and his weekly email newsletter, Thoughts from the Frontline, where he analyzes the economy.But even so, I disagree strenuously with his reasons for being a pessimist on the economy, after the recent GDP report.