Tribune Company Acquires TV Stations

The owner of the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and other major daily newspapers is spending about $2.73 billion to acquire 19 TV stations in...

Vringo Goes After Microsoft

Intellectual property firm Vringo Inc. (NYSEMKT: VRNG) announced this morning that a wholly owned subsidiary, I/P Engine, had filed a patent...

Coke Takes the Fizz out of Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway liquidated its positions in a number of high-profile companies during the fourth quarter, but the Oracle of Omaha's huge stake in Coca-Cola has caused his portfolio to lose its fizz so far in 2011.

USA Today: 'Furloughed' Means Stay Home

Employees at Gannett's flagship newspaper USA Today must be insanely dedicated: Why else would its publisher feel the need to explain to them exactly what it means to be forced to take a week off. But that's just what Dave Hunke decided his already-depressed workforce needed to hear.

Apple's iPad Gives Wings to Media Stocks

Correctly or naively, print publishers all seem to think the iPad, Apple's new touchscreen tablet computer, is going to save their hides -- and Wall Street seems to agree, at least cautiously.

Newspaper Company Faces Bankruptcy

The long, steep decline in newspaper ad sales and circulation is starting to level off, but that doesn't solve the debt problems bedeviling firms like Affiliated Media. The holding company for industry heavyweight MediaNews Group will go through a prepackaged bankruptcy to eliminate most of its debt.

Good news from Gannett - really

Shares of Gannett Co. (GCI), the world's largest newspaper publisher, rose more than 16 percent in pre-market trading after the company reported...

Craigslist revenue over $100 million

A new study from research operation Classified Intelligence Report shows that Craigslist revenue will be over $100 million this year, according to an...

Media World: The naming of the flu

Would a virus by any other name be so controversial? Probably not. When the first cases of a mysterious illness that killed otherwise healthy young...