Apple Manufacturer Foxconn Is Under Fire Again

Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer that probably assembled your new iPad, is on the hot seat again this week, reviving discussions about evils of offshoring. But if you think money is the only reason why Apple doesn't make its gadgets closer to home, you're missing the bigger picture.

Independent Group Inspects Apple Supplier

An independent group, the Fair Labor Association, has started auditing Apple's Chinese supplier Foxconn after a request by Apple. The technology company last month disclosed a list of its suppliers for the iPhone, iPad and other popular gadgets for the first time amid growing criticism over labor and environmental practices, especially in China.

How to Give Greener Electronic Gifts This Season

If you want to give your loved ones environmental peace and joy, you might want to hold off on buying them the latest hot gadgets as gifts. E-waste is a dirty problem that lingers far beyond the time when Christmas present becomes Christmas past.

Foxconn to Hire 400,000 Workers in China

Foxconn Technology Group will hire as many as 400,000 new workers in China in the coming year. The company, which was rocked by a string of employee suicides earlier this year, also plans to build factories closer workers%u2019 homes. The Taiwanese company, which makes products including the Apple iPhone, aims to expand to inland provinces Henan and Sichuan because that%u2019s "what the new generation of workers wants," Louis Woo, special assistant to the chief executive officer, told Bloomberg News.

Toyota Plant in China Suspends Production Due to Strike

Labor unrest is once again affecting production at a Toyota plant in China. Toyota said Tuesday it suspended production at a car-assembly plant in southern China after workers at a parts supplier went on strike, according to reports.

Yuan's Gains May Slow Auto Exports from China

A yuan with higher value will make Chinese goods more expensive in other markets, putting the brakes on plans by automakers such as Toyota and Honda to ship cars made in China to foreign markets.

Apple, Sony, Hewlett-Packard Probe Foxconn Suicides

The 13 suicide attempts so far this year at Foxconn's massive factory complex in Shenzhen, China, have prompted Apple, HP, Sony and other tech companies -- whose products are assembled in the factory -- to initiate probes into the situation.