Four Loko

10 Hot Products of 2010

Every year, a few innovative products and services capture the public's imagination, they find a unique niche and become runaway hits. Here are 10...

Of Four Loko and Student Loans: An Accountability Crisis

Under the threat of an FDA ban, the makers of alcoholic energy drink Four Loko are changing its recipe to remove caffeine, guarana and taurine. But the only problem a ban of Four Loko would solve is to save young people from thinking they have personal responsibility for their choices -- again.

Should States Ban Alcohol-and-Caffeine Drinks?

Four Loko is popular new drink facing a growing backlash. One 24-ounce can provides the alcoholic kick of four beers and the caffeine buzz of a cup of coffee, a combination college students seem drawn to, which is why some states have banned it. But that's taking America's already flawed alcohol policies a step too far.