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After Market: A Cold Day for Stocks, Too

With cold weather across much of the country so extreme it grounded some airlines, even stocks found it tough to fly Monday -- especially those associated with air travel.

The S&P 500's 10 Best Performers of 2012 (So Far)

The S&P 500 gained 4.4% in January, the biggest increase for that month in 15 years. But the 10 best performers in the index had share gains for the month from 27% to a whopping 77%. Which are these rising stars -- and which might have more room to rise? Read on:

3 Things the Economy Needs to Recover

What's going to fix the economy? An entrepreneurial spirit, a free market, and the infrastructure to bring them together to bear fruit will help the U.S. pull through. But what we really need are three things that on the surface seem less concrete than new tax laws and regulatory changes: certainty, innovation, and, most importantly, time.

Odd Couple Stocks to Balance Your Portfolio's Qi

Chinese medicine postulates the existence of qi, a circulating life force whose properties must be balanced for optimal health. Take a page from eastern philosophy and consider investing in these pairings of complementary stocks to strengthen your portfolio.

Austerity Means a Cloudier Forecast for LDK Solar

LDK Solar has long depended on demand driven by government subsidies from countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy, which makes it vulnerable in this period of European austerity. Trefis has revised its estimates for LDK Solar down -- but still meaningfully above the market price.

Are Solar Stocks Finally Regaining Their Shine?

Haven't we seen this movie before? As costly oil makes solar look good, investors pile in -- only to be let down when overcapacity sets in and oil prices tumble again. But this time, solar's rebound may be on somewhat firmer ground. Investors, though, still need to be cautious.

LDK Solar Lifts Revenue Outlook

Just as many were expecting demand for solar products to wane in 2011, LDK Solar, the Chinese maker of solar wafers, raised its shipment and revenue outlook for the third quarter.

Solar Energy Market Will Get Even Hotter in 2010

This year is turning out to be a good one for solar energy equipment makers and project developers. Solar panel makers saw a 92% jump in shipments in the second quarter from a year ago, and market research firms have issued bullish outlooks for the industry.

Economy Could Cast a Shadow on Solar Energy

President Obama's $2 billion booster shot for solar is surely good news for the sector. But it may not be enough to counter the drag of a global economic stall that many see coming. When other energy prices fall, solar investment tends to dry up.

Freakonomics vs. ObamaCare

Some of Wednesday's best online stories for investors, including why you should teach your kids to ride a bike and value stocks, and what's holding back the economic recovery.

Clean Energy Revenues Grew in '09 -- but Not Solar

Despite the world's economic woes, the global clean-energy market grew in 2009, becoming a $139.1 billion industry and the largest venture-capital category, according to a new Clean Edge report. But although solar installations increased, solar revenues fell because of plunging prices.

Stormy Skies Ahead for Thin-Film Solar Startups

The next two years will be rough in the thin-film solar industry, as economic conditions cull the cash-strapped herd of startups, a Photon Consulting analyst predicts. But companies with healthy balance sheets -- and luck -- could follow in successful First Solar's footsteps.