Fifth Third Bancorp

Why It's Really Time to Break Up the Too Big to Fail Banks

When the financial crisis hit, Washington chose to rescue America's biggest banks, lest their failure crush the economy. Now, "too big to fail" has morphed into "too big to jail," and letting them remain that way isn't good for the economy -- or the banking industry.

5 Things to Watch Next Week on Wall Street

There's never a dull moment on Wall Street. Next week brings a Xoom-related media event from Verizon and Motorola Mobility, as well as fourth quarter results from Apple and several of the country's biggest financial institutions.

Would Rating Downgrades Clip Bank Profits?

Moody's is reviewing 10 large regional banks for possible downgrades because it thinks financial reform means total government support is now less likely. That's setting off a debate about whether those banks will actually take a hit to profitability.

Which Bailed-Out Bank Will Exit TARP Next?

Citi isn't getting off the hook anytime soon. But Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp might. It took $3.4 billion to mend its bruised balance sheet and could need to raise as little as $1 billion to repay TARP

Big loan losses could hit $53 billion

Banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and pension funds could face an additional $53 billion in large loan losses according to the annual Shared...