Facebook shares

Facebook Mobile Gains Spur Revenue Growth

Facebook posted a 32 percent jump in third-quarter revenue to $1.26 billion, as the company reignited advertising growth with the help of larger-than-expected gains in mobile. The company's shares leapt 9 percent to $21.22 in after-hours trading on Tuesday.

Wall Street Watch Wednesday: Checking Under Pep Boys' Hood

The Pep Boys are a trio, but these day, the company is cruising solo -- and it's not enjoying driving alone. The retailer of auto parts and provider of automotive services, spurned after merger talks this spring, posted uninspiring quarterly results on Tuesday night.

Facebook Photo Bombs Instagram

Instagram accepted a roughly $1 billion buyout bid from Facebook earlier this year, shortly before the world's largest social networking website operator went public. It seemed like a great deal at the time, but Instagram's no longer a $1 billion company.

How to Buy One Share of Facebook Stock

For those who want to own just one ceremonial share of a company, there are websites that specialize in "one share" transactions. The operators of those sites say they expect Facebook to become one of their most popular stocks once it begins trading publicly.

Will Added Investors Force a Facebook IPO in 2012?

Facebook expects its investor base will exceed 500 this year, a level at which the SEC will require it to disclose its financial results to the public. That may be enough to push the social networking giant into an IPO in 2012 -- but founder Mark Zuckerberg could opt to release that data and keep Facebook private anyway.

Facebook Shares Clear $25 in SharesPost Auction

Shares of Facebook cleared $25 a share in a recent sealed-bid auction, bumping the value of the social networking giant to $56.7 billion, according to an email alert distributed Friday by SharesPost, which facilities stock sales in privately held companies as a secondary exchange.