Fabrice Tourre

Goldman Sachs Fined by FINRA for Disclosure Delays

Goldman Sachs has been fined $650,000 by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority for failing to properly disclose to regulators that two of its executives were going to be investigated by the Securities & Exchange Commission, FINRA announced Tuesday.

Wall Street Explores the Next Generation of Financial Sharks

Money Never Sleeps is firmly based in the new financial world, in which the wise, confident Masters of the Universe have been replaced by slick, young math prodigies feverishly creating and selling bizarre securities with little interest in the long-term implications of their actions.

Seven Villians of the Financial Crisis: Where Are They Now?

The financial crisis was produced by a complex set of circumstances, including a massive housing bubble, poor regulation and irresponsible lending on an epic scale. A handful of bankers became the public faces of the crisis, and now, two years later, we take a look at what became of them.

Legal Briefing: Texas Sues BP Over Refinery Pollution

In Tuesday's legal news, the Texas Attorney General has joined the long line of plaintiffs against BP, filing an environmental enforcement action over air pollution that spewed for 40 days from a BP refinery in Texas.

Legal Briefing: Conrad Black to Get Bail for Appeal

Former newspaper mogul Conrad Black will get out of jail on bail as he appeals his conviction for defrauding shareholders based on the now-narrowed "honest services" statute. The bail order comes even though Black was also convicted of an obstruction of justice charge.

Goldman Shares Tumble As Image Takes Another Hit

Shares of Goldman Sachs got hammered on Friday as Wall Street finally woke up to the enormous reputational damage done to the franchise. This comes following reports that a criminal investigation was being considered.

Goldman's Fabrice Tourre Sticks to the Script

For a star witness, Fabrice "the Fabulous Fab" Tourre had more of a supporting role in Tuesday's Senate hearing into Goldman Sachs's contributions to the subprime mortgage disaster. He largely stayed on message and let other executives do the talking.

Fabrice Tourre's Tough Moment in the Sun

Testifying with several former and current Goldman executives, the young trader is offering a vehement rejection of the charges against him and his firm. "I deny -- categorically -- the SEC's allegation." The SEC's lawyers will be listening closely.