FHA loans

FHA Loan Limit Raised, Despite Opposition

On Thursday, Congress moved to raise the loan ceiling for mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration on Thursday, despite some lawmakers' fears of artificially propping up the market.

How to Raise Your Odds of Getting a Mortgage

It doesn't look like the housing market will come roaring back anytime soon, but with historically low interest rates, now's a good time to buy. The hard part is that banks in the post-bubble era are notoriously stingy with that cheap money, so figuring out how to get a smile out of a mortgage lender is task No. 1.

Banks Demanding Higher Credit Scores for Mortgages

Bank of America and Wells Fargo were among banks that tightened credit standards for mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration in a move that may put a crimp in the U.S. housing recovery by effectively eliminating 6.3 million people from the potential home buying pool.

Home Prices: Stabilizing or Set to Fall Further?

The news about real estate isn't reassuring -- new mortgage delinquencies are rising and May's pending home sales dropped 30%. But some broad trends are making some zip codes avoid falling prices. The wider impact of these trends will help determine the direction of prices.