Exxon Valdez

The Oil Spill and Human Health: More Questions Than Answers

With BP's undersea well in the Gulf of Mexico still gushing oil and cleanup efforts barely making a dent, questions abound about the spill's long-term effects on the environment and human health. In fact, very little is known about the health effects of oil spills.

Corporate Pollution: The Top 10 Environmental Payouts

The $20 billion fund BP has agreed to for paying Gulf oil spill claims easily vaults it to the top of the list. Among other members of this shameful pantheon are Exxon, Union Carbide and Pacific Gas and Electric. A closer look at this group reveals that in most cases, the companies managed to reduce -- or even erase -- settlements through years of legal stalling.

President Obama: How About Kicking Your Own Ass?

The president's latest reactions to the BP oil spill have the media agog about his use of a "naughty word." But it's long past time for cranking up the rhetoric. It's time for Obama to crank up his energy level -- and lead like he's seemingly capable of doing.

Against the Odds, Analysts Stand By BP's Stock

Most of the 17 analysts who follow the energy giant still urge investors to buy its stock -- and none recommend dumping it. Twelve of the analysts rate BP a buy, and five recommend holding it. Will a federal criminal probe change their opinions?

The Transocean's Leaking Oil Is Bad but Not Likely Catastrophic

The Transocean rig isn't likely to threaten the U.S. shoreline with a large amount of oil. And if the well leak can be capped soon, the total spill might be kept under 20,000 barrels. That would be an ecological hazard, but it might not be an awful one.