Obama: Details Needed on Europe Bailout Plan

With much at stake for the U.S., President Barack Obama said Thursday that the most important task for world leaders gathered at an economic summit in France was to resolve the European financial crisis. The EU had taken important steps toward a solution, the president said, but "we're going to have to flesh out more of the details about how the plan will be fully and decisively implemented."

US Stock Futures Jump on European Debt Deal

U.S. stock futures are jumping after European leaders agreed on a deal to slash Greece's debt. Banks agreed to take 50 percent losses on the Greek bonds that they hold, and European leaders agreed to strengthen a rescue fund to protect Italy and other large European economies. Worries that a European country could default had dragged down global stocks.

Europe's Debt, U.S. Unemployment Draw Focus

September is finally over, and we're heading into a few fast weeks of economic data and earnings releases. With stock market and macroeconomic factors taking new twists nearly every day, it's hard to keep up. So let's focus on the data and news that will matter most to your bottom line.