Next Week's Big News: Cable TV, China.com, More

Plenty of big names are set to report their earnings in August, including the country's largest cable and satellite television providers, several of China's leading dot-coms, radio giant Sirius XM, car rental companies Zipcar and Avis, and the two biggest video game developers.

Apple iPad 2 Launches to Long Lines

Apple's second version of its popular iPad tablet computer went on sale Friday afternoon, and was greeted by the now-familiar lines of buyers outside Apple stores.

Activision Seeks $400 Million from Rival Electronic Arts

Activision Blizzard Inc, maker of the "Call of Duty" videogames, is seeking $400 million damages from Electronic Arts (ERTS). Activision sought to add Electronic Arts as a defendant in a case against two former employees who developed the hit "Call of Duty" franchise, Reuters reported.

Medal of Honor Hits Stores -- But Not on Military Bases

In Electronic Arts' new Medal of Honor game, players can take on the role of the Taliban or U.S. soldiers. But the prospect of having players shoot Americans doesn't go over too well with lots of folks, including the one running base stores.

Tiger Woods: Still Winning in the Sponsorship Game

Despite Tiger Woods' recent golf fumbles and lurid sexual revelations, the golfer never lost his ability to sell stuff. Corporate sponsors have long tolerated athletes' bad behavior, and Woods is too big a star for them to stay away.

Madden 11 Video Game Goes on Sale - With a Party

Video gaming%u2019s biggest sports franchise got its latest facelift on Monday as Madden 11, the latest edition of the hit football game, hit the shelves. The new edition features Drew Brees, quarter back with Super Bowl champions The New Orleans Saints on the cover, and EA Sports celebrated the launch with a "Madden Gras" party in the Big Easy, featuring players from the Saints, parades and musical guests including Big Boi.

Panasonic to Acquire SANYO Common Stock in Tender Offer

Panasonic (PC) will acquire the shares of common stock of SANYO Electric Co (SANYY) through a tender offer, Panasonic announced. Panasonic currently owns 50.5% of the aggregate number of SANYO%u2019s issued shares, following a 2009 tender offer Panasonic said in a statement.

E-Books for Kids Get Publishers' Attention

Book publishers' interest in digital e-books is mounting, as the number of e-readers hitting the market, in all shapes, sizes, and color capabilities, is set to grow. And the children's sector of publishing in particular is getting their notice.

Walmart Launches a Price War in Video Games

It looks like Walmart is fixing to do for video games what it's already done for toys and books this season. Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) announced it has cut the prices of popular video games like Halo 3: ODST; Rock Band: Beatles; and Left 4 Dead 2 by up to 20 percent.

Electronic Arts cuts loss, shares rise

The largest video game company, Electronic Arts (ERTS), reported quarterly earnings after the bell today. Reduced losses juiced investors who sent...