Ed Yardeni

Attention Investors: Enjoy the Ride, Go With the Flow

Here's a short answer for those who wonder what could transport the market still higher: the economy. The unexpected and sudden advance that started last September foresaw favorable economic news. The continuing rebound will now propel the market to even headier levels.

Railroad Indicator Says Economy Gaining Steam

America's railways are the circulatory system of the economy, so any evidence that points to rail's recovery is a good sign for the future. Happily, a new report suggests rail freight shipments are gaining momentum.

Investors Need to Look Beyond the Headlines

Instead of embracing what the daily voices of doom are proclaiming -- a double-dip recession and the demise of stocks -- notice how equity prices continue to edge higher in spite of all the seemingly bad news. Long-term vision is needed instead of instant gratification.

Dow Jumps 273 Points on Global Growth Prospects

The Dow jumped more than 270 points to close solidly above 10,000 Thursday as encouraging economic data out of China and a soothing growth forecast from the European Central Bank once again whetted traders' appetite for risk. The dollar, Treasurys and gold fell, while oil prices topped $75 a barrel for the first time in nearly a month.

Why a Panicked Market Can Be an Investor's Ally

What to do when investors everywhere are in a panic? Legendary investor John Templeton and founder of the Templeton Funds had this advice: "Buy only what is being thrown away." That's advice worth heeding today as anxiety overtakes the investment world once again.