Bad Economy Means Another Scaled-Back Thanksgiving

Some are holding potluck dinners instead of springing for the entire feast. Others are staying home rather than flying. And a few are skipping the turkey altogether. On this the fourth Thanksgiving since the economy sank, prices for everything from airline flights to groceries are going up, and some Americans are scaling back.

The Upside of Economic Downturns

Enough gloom and doom for one recession: Let's focus for a moment on the opportunities that shine through the clouds. When the economy heads south, certain stocks get attractively priced, and activist investors see a chance to seize foundering companies and turn them around.

Financial Landscape: Dreary Polls and Tax Loopholes

Nearly 90% of Americans still see owning a home as a key part of the American Dream, but 39% see us in a permanent economic downturn. Meanwhile, Obama has set his sights on closing tax loopholes for businesses and the rich, but the Fed just cut banks a break in new rules on debit card swipe fees.