The 4 Most Expensive Travel Mistakes You Can Make

You may not want to think about it while you're on vacation, but every dollar you spend on your trip counts. However, if you avoid these four costly travel mistakes, you'll be able to splurge on the souvenirs.

After Grocery Prices Surge, Is Home Cooking Still a Bargain?

Everybody knows the basic rules for saving money on food. Don't eat out. Ditch the steaks in favor of ground beef. Stick to the staples, like milk and potatoes. But a recent USDA report shows that, in 2011, some traditional money saving guidelines proved useless as food prices went through the roof.

Helping a Caregiver Climb Out of Debt

Joe did right by his mother in her declining years, but half a decade of expensive care for her has left the 53-year-old in a financially precarious position. Money and Happiness columnist Laura Rowley offers him a step-by-step plan to get out of debt and back on track for his own retirement.

The revolution drinks tea

In a trendy beverage progression he describes as "Red Bulls, coffee, and everything else," Digg founder Kevin Rose has now arrived at an ancient...

Underated in America: Diners

There are two main breakfast options in my neighborhood: A charming but perpetually-crowded bistro, known as much for its quiche and muffins as for...

Eating out for less

During tough economic times, consumers can (and should) cut back on eating out. Simple math shows that the cost of eating out is probably anywhere...

Do your budget a favor and eat at home

Americans are eating out more than ever, and it doesn't just show in their waistlines. It shows in their pocketbooks. While everyone's complaining...