Video Game Sales Are Down: Are Apps to Blame?

A research firm that tracks video game sales reported that March hardware sales rose, but software sales plunged again. NPD claims that 23% of software sales in 2010 came from apps, but the industry isn't sure that its lagging sales figures can be entirely blamed on apps like "Angry Birds."

Medal of Honor Hits Stores -- But Not on Military Bases

In Electronic Arts' new Medal of Honor game, players can take on the role of the Taliban or U.S. soldiers. But the prospect of having players shoot Americans doesn't go over too well with lots of folks, including the one running base stores.

Electronic Arts' Game Sales Lack Positive Motion

Although Electronic Arts' fundamentals look solid, analysts have not been upbeat about the games giant's upcoming results, citing a "low pick-up" in video game sales. At the end of November, total video games sales were $14.1 billion, down 12% from the same time a year ago.

Awful Guidance for Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (ERTS), the largest video game maker in the U.S., released new guidance on December 10, and the numbers were awful. GAAP sales for its fiscal 2010, which ends in March, will be well below its November forecasts.

Icahn Buys Big Stake in Take-Two

Take-Two Interactive, publisher of popular video games such as Grand Theft Auto, announced disappointing earnings Thursday. But that didn't deter Carl Icahn from buying an 11% stake in the company the same day.

Electronic Arts cuts loss, shares rise

The largest video game company, Electronic Arts (ERTS), reported quarterly earnings after the bell today. Reduced losses juiced investors who sent...

Take-Two delays big game -- BioShock 2

BioShock is an insane video game. It takes place in the underwater city of Rapture. The player gets to fight denizens of the metropolis using a wide...

Electronic Arts moves outside the box

Video games played on consoles from Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony (SNE) are not selling very well. The economy is slow and even sales of the consoles...