Duke University

Teaching Doctors to Diagnose a Grandma Money Scam

The elderly can be easy prey for financial scammers, and it's up to their families to help keep them safe from cons. But a new program is putting another group of defenders onto the front lines: medical professionals.

Can a Spending Splurge Help You Reach Savings Success?

Every dieter knows you sometimes have to give in to your cravings on the long road to a weight loss goal. Turns out the same principle applies to personal finance: A splurge now and then can actually help you attain your budget and savings goals.

For Retirement Planning, Words Matter

In matters of life and death, it turns out that semantics matters. When researchers asked people what age they would "live to," compared with what age they would "die by," people's expectations shot up by an average of nine years. Here's why that could have a big impact on annuities.

Will Spray Nicotine Be the Next Quit-Smoking Fad?

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International has just bought the rights to a new technology for delivering nicotine in a aerosol spray. The upside: Nicotine addicts get their fix without all the toxins associated with smoking. The downside: It'll be at least three years before it hits the market.

Getting a 4-year degree in 3 years

This week, Money College presents two views of graduating college early by experts -- that is, students who took the three-year path through school....

For a Happier Holiday, Spend Less

An economist at Duke University believes that "gift inflation" is a prime problem during the holidays, one that makes everyone less happy in the long run. The solution? Spending less and keeping it simple.