787 Dreamliner Will be Ready Early 2011

The long-awaited Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be ready for service early next year, engine-maker Rolls-Royce Group said. Rolls-Royce, which supplies some of the engines used in the 787 Dreamliner, will meet with Boeing (BA) this week to work out plans to recover from an engine blow-out last month, Bloomberg News said.

Crews Work to Replace Boeing Dreamliner 787 Jet Engine

Crews are working to replace a Rolls-Royce engine in one of Boeing%u2019s (BA) five 787 Dreamliner test jets after the engine experienced a power surge before takeoff. It%u2019s not yet clear if the 787%u2019s test schedule will be affected, Yvonne Leach, a spokeswoman for Boeing, told Bloomberg News.

Lessons from the 787's Late Liftoff

If Boeing has any hope of avoiding another Dreamliner-class production fiasco in the future, it'll need to change its ways in some very important areas. Here are four suggestions worthy of serious consideration.