Pirates Target Mac App Store Just One Day After Launch

Just one day after Apple (AAPL) launched its new Mac App Store, pirates say they have found security flaws in the system. The new download service, launched on Thursday, allows users to download software that has been scrutinized and approved by Apple on to their computers, BBC News reported. Apple hopes that the system will emulate the success of its iPhone App Store.

Mac App Store Could Launch Next Week

If reports are correct the Mac App Store, which was announced in October, could launch as early as next Monday, according to Appletell. A pre-holiday...

Big Jump in the Sales of Games Via Download

Sales of digitally-downloaded video games are surging this year as cashed-strapped gamers buy fewer new titles from retailers in favor of cheaper games that may be purchased online. Game downloads saw a 37% rise in the first six months of 2010.

Dark Side of the Download: Pink Floyd Wins Ruling

Pink Floyd won a key ruling against EMI Thursday that could end the sale of its single tracks online -- but the record label immediately disputed the verdict. The court ruling was seen as a win for artist control against record labels at a time of wrenching change in the recording industry.

Free music for college students!

If you're a college student, you absolutely must sign up for Ruckus.Here's the deal: it's completely free to sign up and you can download as much...