Dov Charney

CEO Sex Scandals: A Rogues' Gallery

CEOs are supposed to know when to say no. But when it comes to the temptation of having an adulterous affair, even some of the toughest-minded bosses just can't hold up a stop sign. Here are nine chief execs (all men) who made headlines for succumbing to the call of lust.

Trucker Hat, Meet Boat Shoe: Here Comes the Prepster

Boat shoe, meet trucker hat. In style blogs and magazines, fashionistas have begun bandying about a new term: prepster. Is this merger between preppy and hipster the new style that retailers are rushing to embrace?

The Lawsuits That Could Unravel American Apparel

The renegade clothing maker and retailer led by the outrageous Dov Charney faces high-drama legal problems worthy of a daytime soap: sexual harassment suits, a wage-and-hour suit, immigration problems and shareholder suits. But federal probes into accounting issues could be the biggest threats to its existence.