How to Survive the Stock Market's Wild Ride

The stock-market roller coaster of the last couple of weeks -- culminating with Thursday's 500-point plunge on the Dow -- has been enough to make even the most stoic investors sweat. Experts offer opinions on how you can turn uncertainty into opportunity.

How to Prep for a (Possible) Double-Dip Recession

Is America headed for the Great Recession, part two? The talking heads are still in heated debate on the issue. But for those of us who aren't pundits, there's a more important question: What should we be doing now, just in case economic lightning does strike twice?

Rising Mortgage Rates Bode Ill for Housing

Last week, the average for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages climbed to 5.21%, the highest it has been since August. What does that means for the housing market? Probably nothing good. And nothing could be worse than for home prices to start sliding again.