Dollar depreciation

Save Yourself from the Dollar's Doom

Facing a national debt crisis, the threat of a double-dip recession, and an ongoing loss of national prestige, the U.S. is under pressure, and its currency is feeling the heat. Plenty of observers think the dollar's days are numbered. Here are several ways to protect your money from a catastrophic loss in value.

How the Debt Downgrade Will Trickle Down

By itself, the S&P downgrade doesn't mean much to the average citizen. The real risk to the public is devaluation, due to the printing of dollars to make servicing the debt easier. Such a course of action by the government could lead to higher interest rates and greater costs of imported goods.

How to Profit from a Declining Dollar

Several signs seem to point to a downward trend in the value of the dollar, which pundits would have you believe means financial catastrophe for Americans. But it doesn't have to be like that. There are ways to make money if our currency falls. Here are three things to look for.