Dollar Menu

Can a Dollar Menu Push Bring More Dollars Back to McDonald's?

McDonald's franchisees have spoken. They're fine with the world's largest restaurant chain beefing up its Dollar Menu in an effort to reverse a recent sales decline. What they aren't cool with is breaking the buck with even lower-priced offerings.

Has McDonald's Menu Gotten Too Expensive?

McDonald's in October suffered its first monthly decline in comparable-store sales since 2003 -- and October is usually a good month for the burger giant. So what did Ronald do wrong? Too much focus on premium menu items, too little on what its customers really want: Low cost eats.

McDonald's Franchisees Have Some Harsh Words for Headquarters

The franchisor-franchisee relationship can be a tense one, especially when corporate asks the operators to spend more money. That's true even at a market leader like McDonald's, where remodeling investments, marketing campaigns and discounting are touchy subjects right now.