Google May Be Your Next Cable Television Provider

If you're fed up with escalating cable bills, fuzzy satellite TV reception, and unresponsive customer service, Google is starting to think inside the box: The world's leading search engine may be ready to launch a broadband television service as early as next year.

Satellite Wars: DIRECTV is Defeating DISH

Everything is right in the universe for DIRECTV, given this weekend's successful kickoff of the new pro football season. DIRECTV subscribers know that there are alternatives out there, but that's not going to sway the couch potatoes, all 30 million of them. Not even rival DISH can eclipse our largest entertainment subscription service.

What You Need to Know About Netflix's Price Hike

Netflix sent shockwaves through the living room yesterday after revealing that it will separate its mail-served discs and streaming service into two distinct pricing plants. And while the initial reaction by many subscribers has been outrage, there's really no need to panic. Here are some myths and misconceptions creating undue concern about Netflix's new deal.