The 10 Commandments of Saving Money

There are only a few savings rules so important they deserve to be etched in stone. Follow them, and your savings account will swell to epic proportions.

Living Without Credit Cards: She Made It Work, and You Can Too

Every time you make a plane reservation or rent a car or pay for concert tickets, you're asked to provide a credit card number. Liz Smiley provides a debit card number instead. Smiley has lived without a credit card for more than four years, and she doesn't miss it a bit.

Visa Tops Forecast on Debit Card Strength

Visa topped Wall Street's earnings expectations, as the credit card giant smartly shifted its focus to debit cards, which consumers are using more frequently for non-discretionary purchases such as gas or food. The company boosted its revenue outlook for 2011 to boot.

Shopping with an attitude

Let's face it, frugal shopping can be difficult but it's not because the retailers are out to rob you of your money. Stores of all types operate on...