Mitt Romney Close Behind Obama After Debate, Poll Shows

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stayed within striking distance of President Barack Obama in a Reuters/Ipsos poll on Sunday, two-points behind the Democrat for the third straight day after winning last week's debate in Denver.

Five Things to Look for During the Presidential Debate

Make no mistake about it: come Thursday morning, there will be a winner. If Romney wins, he will change the narrative of this election and give his flagging campaign some much-needed energy. If Obama wins, he has all but sealed up his re-election. If it is a draw, Obama wins because with so little time remaining Romney needed to do more than draw even.

The Presidential Debates: What Do YOU Want to Hear?

Wednesday, Oct. 3 brings the first of the presidential debates, this one focused on the economy. So what do you hope to hear from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney? Does the debate matter to you? We want to hear what you think.